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Great service and cooperation        ..... P. Willems, USA 

Efficient and easy booking, good value, good location and friendly service .... J. Hillman - U.K.

Would absolutely book again, friendly and personal service - very flexible.     ..... B. Bailey - U.K.

Would definitely book again, good prices, location & comfort!    ... J. Silverman - WA USA

Excellent service, value and efficiency    .... G. Arnott

Everything was above my expectation    .... B. Ng, Vancouver, BC

Exceptional value, good location, comfort and rates    .... K. Hatch, Vancouver, BC

Everything was fantastic, close to the village, great value and extremely affordable    .... I. Lorentzen - AUS

Good prices, prompt communication, friendly and well organized    .... J. Reed, San Diego, CA




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